Ljubljana, Slovenija

City of Ljubljana

competition 2009, 1st Prize
project 2011 - 2014
construction 2014 - 2015

Ravnikar - Potokar arhitekturni biro d.o.o.

Robert Potokar, Tanja Košuta, Ajdin Bajrović, Andrej Strehovec,
Špela Kuhar, Mateja Šetina

Virginia Vrecl

New pavilion, settled in the existing green layer, carries architectural features of former pool complex. New building with indoor pool is situated along Finžgarjeva Street, making as much use as possible of southern, eastern and western orientation. This enables maximum insolation of the pool deck.
Despite the fact that new object doesn't precisely follow architectural typology of former building, it does, however, carry elements of its architectural features such as: pavilion type building, entrance hall and reception office, placed along central axis, vertical panels are a reminiscence of the panels, built in former pool building.
The concept of the design is comprised of two solid cubes on thin overhung roof set upon a light ground floor. Roof / first floor facade and horizontal slab are a monolithic dark element, floating over transparent ground floor of vertical panels. Such geometry grid of the new building not only respects the environmental characteristics but also contributes to a new dynamics of relatively big structure.
The new swimming pool complex is comprized of two storeys and two basement levels. The basement area is reserved for parking and technical rooms
The main entrance of the building is from Gunduličeva street on the northern side. The reception area is a part of the entrance hall and together they ocupy the centre part of the ground floor. Left of the reception the indoor swimming pool with its facilities is organized. To the right there is the restaurant area, designed to serve both visitors of the complex as well as local inhabitants.
On the first floor, over the restaurant are the administration area and The Sports Medicine Center. Above the pool section is the recreational area with the gym / dance hall, devisible into two parts, and a fitness center. From the fitness center the view to the indoor swimming pool opens up.